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I had the idea of realising an artistic project with Franco Fontana last year. I first spoke of it with Marinella Topi, Mayor of Fermignano, and when the artist accepted we were most enthusiastic to get the project under way.
Photographic art is perhaps the most free means of expression invented by modern-day man to explore, comprehend and represent the universe of emotions, sensations and feelings which is born inside him, in a close contact and exchange with reality, the environment and with the micro- and macrocosms in which he lives.
The images created by this photographer abound with mystery, sensuality, equilibrium, harmony, dreams and expectation.
They are images of these places which are so familiar to us, but which have been given back to us through the photographer's eye of Fontana in the form of images never seen before.
The Immagine Project, documented with the 1999 Calendar, with this important publication and with the photographic exhibitions in Lamoli and Fermignano will become, in 1999, a permanent exhibition in the Oasi di San Benedetto of Lamoli (Borgo Pace).
The photographer's encounter with the "The Wonders of the Alpe della Luna and the Fascination of the Furlo Gorge" has created an artistic testimony of great value, to be seen by all of our already numerous visitors.

MARINELLA TOPI - Mayor of Fermignano

 Since we have become more aware of the sheer beauty of this part of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, of the fact that this area has remained practically uncontaminated and that there is a need to make it known on a wider scale, the initiatives in terms of tourism have greatly increased.
However, in this age of globalisation where we are continually bombarded with information that immediately cancels any news that came before it, how can we hope to capture the attention of the public and transmit an effective message that will last over time?
In my opinion, it is first of all necessary to broaden our viewpoints, changing the narrow stances usually adopted for these interventions and entrusting the development of top quality initiatives to those talented people who are able to see our countryside from a new, different and probably unusual angle.
This is why we wanted a photographer of international fame, such as Franco Fontana, to "lend" us his eyes and to help us rediscover the Wonders of the Alpe della Luna and the Fascination of the Furlo Gorge.
The results were indeed surprising.
Those of you who will read this publication and visit the exhibition, will have the opportunity to realise this for yourselves.
Inevitably you will be won over by the landscapes interpreted by Fontana and by the model who so perfectly represents the gentleness and strength, the flexible nature and the lightness of these splendidly beautiful sites.

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